We are a group that is passionate about the latest in anything digital - be it websites, programming, AI, mobile app, gaming, computers - yeah you get the drift. We are based in KOTA KINABALU, SABAH but we have left our mark all over the world! We do websites, programming, videos, images, seo, ppc - basically what you can see when you go to the world wide web, that's where we work! Do you want to put your business forward in the digital space? Well come talk to us!



We develop, repair, restore, maintain and provide consultancy on websites.


We own a few online services - among them Beelik.com. The rest are still in development and will be online soon!


We help you market your product to the masses. Targeted to those who actually need your product and/or services.


We are always happy to make new friends (yes we refer to our clients as friends) so feel free to contact us and we can drop-by at your office and discuss more. Don't worry - we don't bite.. hard! :))

Okay so we have sent out our invite - now it's your turn to send us an email to [email protected] now!